December 1, 2016

Every morning, with my cup of coffee, I drink in my daily does of bad news. From shootings and stabbings and other acts of violence to natural disasters and man made catastrophes. From death and destruction to utter and complete despair, I witness it all from my kitchen table. And every single day I realize that nothing except fate and happy circumstance separates me and those I love from the Syrian refugees knocking on every door they can find who will take them in. From the homeless on the street with a sign that promises you endless blessings in exchange of food for the starving. From the war torn mourning their loved ones even as they fear the next round of shelling will lead to their own death. From those suffering from dreaded diseases.

At the end of the day, there but for the grace of God, go I.

And I an eternally grateful, as I am so very, very fearful.

And I wish with all my heart that somehow my son experiences a different world. A world where he does not have to live in constant fear. A world where he can be safe, and above all a world where he can just be happy without the overwhelming agony of the guilt that goes with it.



WritingsForLife said...

So beautifully put.

I have similar thoughts very often.

Arunima said...

Xeb, i came here after a long time. i don't know if you have had a son. If so, God bless him. Such touching and beautiful words!