May 10, 2014

Some songs are sluts.

You think just because you know the lyrics by heart, because they evoke strong feelings, because they describe what-happened-to-you and and exactly-how-you-felt, because there have been times when songs have been there for you when people haven't, because you hummed them when you were at your highest or lowest, because you love them, they love you back.

They don't.

And they never-really did. Instead, they sold themselves over and over to anyone who happened to be out there feeling-the-same-way-that-you-did. They didn't ever respect your sentiments. You were never, ever the only one.

And you need to remember that the next time you decide to fall in love.

(With a song)


The Me. said...

Love the first line. Hahah.

Rakhi said...

Loved this one! Absolutely totally.
For someone who says music is the window to my soul, this is all the more apt.

Enn said...

Hmmm.. never thought of it this way. I always considered some songs as my songs. They bring back my memories, they block out all the unnecessary words being spoken to me and preserve the past in them, forever.

Xeb said...

Enn, so did I :P

Anonymous said...

Slutty Song: I never promised we be exclusive or going steady, Now did I?