May 22, 2014

I saw a documentary called "Terms & Conditions May Apply" yesterday.

Today, I'm wondering whether totally erasing my digital footprint is still an option. Or is everything that I was archived in some giant machine somewhere forever to inform a total stranger at one click of a button? Worse still, I'm the one who has voluntarily decided to put my life on display to anyone-who-happens-to-have-the-authority. Or who knows their way around the world of information decryption around the internet.

I'm not entirely certain what (if anything) can be done about the whole internet-privacy-conundrum in retrospect (now that all this information is out there and saved somewhere), but do watch the film if you can get hold of it.


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Ayesha Khatri said...

That's the worst thing about policies or term and conditions that they printed in the bottom most corner in very micro font or they are in the form of big sized book with infinite clauses that make it impossible to read

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