April 9, 2014

He turns to me in the night, my husband, opens his eyes and looks into mine.
It's over, he says. they're all dead.
Who is, I ask?
Everyone, he says. They all died in the Zombie attack.
Us too? I wonder.
No, we survived.
How? I ask.
We escaped in the truck.
What truck? I ask.
The truck, he says, that I'm going to buy you.
And then he proceeds to hold me tight and go right back to sleep.

Marriage, most certainly, has its moments.



The Me. said...

You got married? :o Congratulations (::

Xeb said...

Haha I did! :) And thank you! I wondered (for a bit) whether married-people continue to bare their souls on a blog. And then I decided to come back anyway! :)

How've you been?

The Me. said...

Do keep writing man. Yeah you were posting everyday and then there was nothing for the longest time. Now it makes sense. (:

I've been good...Etc. Haha. Thanks for asking.

Rakhi said...

Congratulations Xeb! This is great news really...

Anonymous said...

Omg- You got married!! Congratulations!!!The last I remember reading was you were contemplating moving abroad..but Yay! Is it someone who has featured in the blog?

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How do we know said...

apparently, someone thinks u got married without a honeymoon, so they are sending u ideas :-)

Xeb said...

Thanks Rakhi, Anon :)

H.d.w.k: Seems like it! :P How are you? How's Ishaan? I'm using the ladakah keychains, think of both of you every time they come out of my purse! :D

Anonymous said...

OMG ! you got married :) Congrats !!!

Anuradha said...

Congratulations :)

Shahrukh said...

What truck? Toyota? Ford? Chevy? :) Really glad to read you're married. I gave up on coming here. Mubarak. Bohu khoosh thayou aye wanchee ney. (parsi gujrati here). All the best. Shahrukh