November 6, 2013

Dear Mr. Khan,

A few days after the General Elections, 2013, I wrote you a letter assuring you that in my opinion you would have made an excellent Premier. I also told you that I did not regret the time, money and effort that I put in while making a special trip to Karachi in order to exercise my constitutional right in your favor. I told you that I was thankful for many things that you brought to the table, including a demonstrable fervor and a short end to the apathy and indifference that most of us felt while contemplating the political future of the Islamic Republic. I also told you that I was glad that PTI had won a majority seats in the province of KPK and I looked forward to seeing the transformation that your government was likely to bring. I thanked you for giving me the gift of hope, and I wished you will in the next elections with a hope that the premiership would then be yours.

Some months later, I have joined an increasingly large category of disillusioned (ex)PTI supporters. We look upon your unfounded arrogance with apprehension and wondered how we ever allowed ourselves to let you be the beacon that guided our hope for Pakistan's future. Frankly, we all had apprehensions, we just hoped that we would be wrong. There are no celebrations, however, when our initial misgivings have been vindicated, just a shallow sort of grief and an exasperation with the nonsense you continue to spout on a regular basis. As someone pointed out, it seems clear that your hatred for Nawaz Sharif extends itself to a point when you're willing to ally yourself with sworn enemies of your country rather than hold hands with the establishment. It's difficult to conceive that this is the same man who endeared himself to our hearts when he took a stand against the murder of Salman Taseer or when he walked bravely down the streets of Quetta comforting the Hazara survivors or when he firmly promised all of us a better future for our country.

To say that you have disappointed me is an understatement. Frankly, you gave me hope and then you abruptly took it away digging. You made me believe in a better future and then you convinced me that it may not be possible after all. You made me proud, and now you make me detest myself for falling for what has to be the biggest moron in the history of Pakistani politics. Truth is, this game you are playing has a dangerous end. And as you join hands with the right-wing conservatives, and become best buddies with the people responsible for destroying the  lives of thousands of Pakistani families, you are systematically destroying every single dream that you ever showed the people of this country.

And that is something we will never be able to forgive you for.

I suspect after this term is over you may never win an election again. And I for one am convinced you never should.


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