October 22, 2013

The problem with being smart, and intuitive (a little bit) is that you know when something is wrong. You add up the probabilities and you come to the obvious conclusions. The only thing you don't know, is what to do about it. Do you let it happen, as it happens, and watch-and-wait to see where the camel rests? Or do you call it, as you see it, and force the issue somehow. The former is non-confrontational, involves a tedious-kind-of-wait, and is not-your-style-at-all. That said, the latter holds the risk of spontaneous combustion. Because once you know, you will have to do something about it - one way or another. And maybe you want to stay-in-limbo-for-a-little-while.

Then again. Patience has never really been your strong suit.

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