October 2, 2013

During a conversation with media-types in DC, H confessed that every journalist - herself included - was always looking for an angle. Something that would prompt an investigation into the next big story. Later, I think about what she said and realize that the same is true for writers. We are always looking for an 'angle' too. Something that is going to spark off a thought process and lead to an outpouring of sentiment to paper. It is, I think, what makes is generally voyeuristic in nature. That leads us to shamelessly over-hearing other people's conversations, going out of our way to understand - and to some extent feel - other people's pain. For nothing pleases the writer more than a well-crafted, somewhat complicated, leaden with hidden meanings situation that she may meander into along the way. Nothing makes us happier than hearing stories, listening to what's going on around us. And nothing is more satisfying than taking those sentiments and weaving them into a blanket-of-words that we present to the world as prose. 

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