October 4, 2013

And the latest conversation makes five.

So, over the course of the past few days, five different unrelated people have contacted me to ask me in not-so-subtle ways if I am still single post my return from Amreeka.

Aside from the fact that I most-certainly am, it makes no sense really how this seems to be the primary question on everyone's mind. It occurs to me (briefly) that they may be referring to our friend of the many 'lols', but then I remember that not too many people even knew he was a possibility. Then I wonder if this trip was seen as some sort of a rite-of-passage. Like what desperately single women do in the Islamic-Republic when it is clear they are too-old-for-conventional-routes: travel to Amreeka in search of a mate. Perhaps they think I headed out there to rectify old mistakes. I wonder if they took my assertion that I'm probably destined for a gora-type a little too seriously, and decided that I had left the country on the hunt. Either way, it boggles the mind that most people who I have spoken to since my return seem to really want to know if I did, in actual fact, meet 'someone' in Amreeka.

I'm not entirely certain how to respond to them, aside from a glib 'no rings on my fingers yet' quip. I don't know how to tell them that this single-minded worry typifies for me what I detest most about the Islamic-Republic. I don't know whether they ask me this in good humor, or in all seriousness. And I don't know if they expect an answer so much as a wedding invite.

So I do what I do best, and I tell them a story instead. And ask them to say a prayer for my future happiness. And then I listen - with as much good humor as I am capable of under the circumstances - to their well-meant advice on life, love and the pursuit of marriage.


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