September 17, 2013

You hold on to me like a life-line. As if letting go is a scary-dangerous-thing. As if without me you will assuredly drown, or spend a lifetime wading in the shallows because you are too scared to swim, or perhaps you will be cast adrift in a sea. I wonder what is worse? I resent it, sometimes. This dependence. Perhaps because it makes me wonder if you appreciate me for 'me' or for the unconditional acceptance of who you are and the unswerving belief in what you will become. But in this equation, I become reduced to a 'thing' somehow. But then I remember that the ying, needs the yang and that I need you too. I need you to depend on me so that I remember that I too have substance. Like in keeping you afloat I too have a purpose that goes beyond me. And I remember that the truth is that you are my life-line too.

And even though there is resentment born of much-too-much need, these delusions are what keep us going. For they help both of us forget for a little while that both of us are, in fact, equally adrift in the sea of humanity. And that each of us is, simply, the others' shore.

And that, my love, is what love is all about. 

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Oh this was nice. (: