September 22, 2013

This course changed my life. It made me realize that there is more to the world than my tunnel vision allowed me to see. It made me realize that there is value in diversity and there is a kernel of truth in every belief system. It made me think of things beyond myself and realize that in accepting differences I was not betraying who I was, or what I stood for. Just the opposite in fact. This course made me realize that there was depth in the world, and that in depth lay beauty. This course prompted further study in anthropology because of an inherent desire to know more. This course made me an explorer, a visionary and a more open person.

I am not sad that it has been banned. I feel betrayed. I feel as if this is yet  another nail on the coffin of the cultural tradition that I love, and that I want to spend my life preserving, promoting and celebrating. I'm sorry you had to do this, Islamic Republic. I'm even sorrier that you are an insecure, unhappy and tunnel-visioned society, and I'm devastated that you actively choose to stay this way. 

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