September 16, 2013

Another day, another story.

As you can imagine, the powers-that-be do not give up easily when they have a (somewhat) willing fish in their grasp. Mixed up analogies aside, the point is that after my last complaint-via-blog, I have been sent the profiles of more than one candidate, some of whom happen to be (surprisingly) situated along my travel plan. Tomorrow, I leave the Bay Area for Seattle. In Seattle there happens to be a boy who I have (to date) exchanged two emails, and some facebook messages with.

Why have you not heard about him till now? Because frankly, there was nothing to say. He's taller than me (hallelujah), has an attractive smile and by community standards (comparatively) he's a shining star. His email prompted a response out of interest rather than sufferance because (another hallelujah) the man can write. And his grammar (so far) has been impeccable.And although travel mode gives one no time for substantial conversation (particularly of the written kind), what I had managed to piece together is this: He comes from Karachi, which makes an easy frame of reference for conversation but has been settled here long enough to be fairly anglicized in his views - which I appreciate. He plays music, and squash and is into long out-door hikes. He is eloquent, well read, has a great job and a traveler's soul. And 'that' is why I thought, hey, finally I 'have' to meet someone I may actually be willing to be-friend in a real world context. Who-would-have-thunk-it.

Until bright and early this morning I received another well articulated message. From an ex-fiance. Who told me that since I had recently added said boy to FB, and because she has 'heard' that he is 'talking' to another girl (I wouldn't precisely qualify two emails and some FB messages as talking, but oh-well) she feels that it is her moral duty and ethical obligation to warn me that the boy-in-question is both emotionally and physically abusive. She talks about stomach-punches and emotional-trauma, she talks about delinquency and drug-abuse. She talks about alcohol and personality disorders. Basically she tells me that one-year of her life was miserable thanks to a crazy person. And that crazy person was him. So now she stalks his facebook playing crusader for every girl who befriends him in a brave quest to ensure that he does not charm them into a lifetime of pain and suffering.

And here I am, about to leave for Seattle thinking maybe I'll just give this one a miss. On the other hand, the perverse part of my soul has to admit, kinda-sorta intrigued. Because as everyone knows, I go out of my way to befriend the crazy. However, there is crazy and then there is crazy. On the bright side, another day, another story. At this rate, my book may pretty much write itself! :P

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Zee Zoo said...

Huh, may be the ex is crazy and u know trying to get back at him for something :/ He seems like an intresting guy, not sissy at all which btw a hell lot of boys are these days!

Good luck though :)

Zee Zoo from Memoirs of an Amnemonic Mind