August 20, 2013

There is a giddy-sort-of-happiness that sets in after one manages to escape alive and unhurt from a precariously dangerous situation. I imagine it would be equivalent to an adrenalin-rush coupled with a temporary removal of the dread-of-something-terrible-happening. It's the kind of the happiness that adventure-seekers probably seek when they manage to make it across a terrifying ravine. With crocodiles inside. Or some such. Point is, having narrowly escaped the possibility of holy-matrimony with our friend of the many 'lol's, I feel more or less the same sort of exhilaration. For you know after having spent the last three days getting to know each other that life together would been incredibly boring, and life without seems positively exhilarating by comparison.

I suspect that the fates do this every now and then. Throw the absolutely-wrong-man at you while you feel like you're standing on the quicksand of forever-alone-single-unhappiness. You clutch at the straws of potential marital bliss and explore the options (despite your initial misgivings) and very soon you reach a conclusion that although the married life may be an aspiration, it is not (yet) a desperation. You also realize that you quite like the quicksand. If you wiggle your feet in and get a little comfortable, the mud feels rather-lovely. You know, like a therapeutic mud-bath. 

So here I am, back in the USofA, happily flirting with hip-hop stars rather dubiously named 'Big-B', (almost) featuring in music videos and celebrating the birth of my beautiful nephew in DC. And, ofcourse, I am no longer on my way to becoming Mrs. Lol.

Life, as you can probably tell, is pretty-damn-good right now! :D

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Aneela Z said...

Could it be a pic where you are giving them the bird (or are the aunts photoshop savvy?)
But a Oho and Oh No
I fear someone did have the last LOL after all.