August 18, 2013

The grand return is... well, it's interesting. For one, I realize that Amreeka is happily unchanging. Unlike the mercurial reality of the Islamic Republic, the USofA somehow stays the same. The unending variety in the grocery stores, the long lavish strip malls, walking down the cities (still in DC, have other places to go) and playing happy-tourist along the attractions. There is much about this country that I do love, but among the top 10 things (maybe I'll write out a list someday) is the ability to walk down the street unafraid (because how big-and-bad goes DC seem after you've braved the wrath of Karachi) and smile at strangers on the street. And say hello.

It's funny how some of the little-est things, are the most important.

Friday to Sunday, it's a little over a week since I landed at Dulles airport. For the uninformed, I'm here for two months. Primarily because I'm in-between jobs (I may have mentioned that I'm going to quit) and the grand plan is to just 'be' for a while, and then apply for jobs (mostly in Pakistan), check out them PhD options (with a view to actually applying this time) and basically just enjoy myself for a while.

So here I am. And here I'll be.

From DC, to Philadelphia, to New York City (yay) to San Francisco and then back to DC via NYC.

That, my friends, is the plan!

Wish me luck! :)

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Eeda said...

heyy! i live in nyc and id love to meet u if u had the chance...this is eeda btw, i dunno if u remember me..i used to blog intensely a few years ago and then sort of dropped of the face of the planet, but not far enough to not catch up on ur blog now and would be lovely to finally meet the face behind the voice me thinks :) lemme know if ur game!u can send me an email at