August 21, 2013

And just when you breathed a sigh of relief and settled in to happy-dreams-of-forseeable-single-dom, you get a phone call that shatters your peace with a bang. As it turns out the powers that be (basically your mom and her gaggle of rishta-seeking-marauders) have accepted your decision to be rid of all 'lol'ers. However, their acquiescence comes with a price and a new horde of would-be-suitors that you are to be introduced to during your happy-vacation in the land of the free. As it happens, this country houses a lot of 'good-boys' and introduced to them you will be. You also realize that the I-have-too-much-work-to-meet-or-respond-to-this-strange-specimen-of-humanity does not go down to well when you are on a two-month vacation with (quite literally) nothing to do. Therefore in keeping with the wisdom of the ages, you accept what cannot be changed and give in to their many demands that has begun with you selecting a suitably rishta-worthy picture and then filling out a profile of yourself (age, height, education, interests and hobbies) and then emailing it onwards where it shall undoubtedly be circulated far and wide. The results, I have been given to understand, should be in my mailbox in a few days.

In the meantime, I decide to celebrate the here-and-the-now with a cup of truly excellent coffee and a long walk along the 'burbs of Philadelphia.

Because que-sera-sera, what will be, will most-assuredly, be.

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