July 16, 2013

There are all kinds of agni-pariksha (trials by fire). There is, ofcourse, a common definition of the term which refers to physical immolation (and thereby a destructive kind of purification) of the soul. It also refers to a duel to the death surrounded by a ring of fire that signified the righteous victory of one person (idea) over another, vilified, somehow, by the flames.

But then there is a symbolic agni-pariksha that may have less to do with physical immolation and more to go with the singes-and-burns caused to your soul by the fiery demons in your mind. As you walk over mental coals and agonize over guilt you-know-not-why-you-feel. As you wrestle, and fight, and twist-and-turn to escape the grasp of the burning fury - even as you know that perhaps the solution is not to resist at all.
Perhaps what is required of you is to embrace the demons, open your arms to the blame and enjoy the furious burn as you watch yourself self-destruct, every facet of the person-you-were melt into an unrecognizable fused-together-kind-of-whole.

And even as you play a central role in a pyromaniac's-dream-come-true, you have to force yourself to believe that this may be a critical step in your destiny. For, as everybody knows, it takes a whole lot of ash to give birth to a Phoenix. 

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