July 10, 2013

Loss, is loss.

 Doesn’t matter in which guise it chooses to present itself to you.

 Fact is, every incarnation hurts.

Sometimes it hurts-just-a-little-bit. Like when you lose an object you’re fond of. Like favorite earrings, for example. I lose favorite earrings all the time. One minute it’s on my ear, the next minute my bare earlobe is accusing me of gross mismanagement of blingy-property. I understand, and condole my ear on its loss knowing that this kinda thing was inevitable. But despite the expectation of eventual loss, it still stings a little bit whenever one remembers the care with which you picked out this particular bauble from the miles of expectant-blingy-ness. You bargained for it, purchased it and – eventually – brought it home to a place of pride in your jewelry box. Only to return from some random event or the other without half of the equation, rendering what is left useless. As you put the one-half-earring into a box specially reserved for victims of such types of tragedy you hurt. And then you move on to the next pair of favorite earrings.

Because you know you can.

 Other incarnations of loss, however, are more difficult to deal with. Such as, for example, the loss of what-used-to-be-good friends. People that you may have picked out from amongst the crowd. Invested in. Let into your life. Loved, more than a little bit. People who have let you down right-about-now, and disappointed you immeasurably and then cheerfully waltzed out of your life like you never really mattered much to begin with. Oh-well. Perhaps it’s time to invest in a box of once-upon-a-time-friends to place old happy-sad memories in? And then (most efficiently) move on to other (and hopefully better) friends.

Because you know you can.


Naveed said...


ordered-chaos said...

I can was never the problem, I didn't want to was - is.

How do we know said...

yep. thats always sad. but like u said, bcs u know u can.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps " through deception we make war" would be more appropriate language that, " lifelong friendships blah blah blah". But then no one would live there.