June 12, 2013

Impromptu happiness is the best kind.

The kind that results from a late-late night phone call from a friend who cares enough to wake you up to watch the first thunderstorm after the oppressive heat wave. Who picks you up (despite the whiny protestations about work tomorrow) and takes you for a drive around Islamabad as you chase the rain together. And watch the skies light up with bursts of jagged white. Eventually you decide to stop on top of the highest road in the city - a rather modest bridge across from the Centaurus mall. You step out and feel the rain soothing the troubled heat from your shoulders. On your left and your right is the long Blue Area road that cuts across the city (sorta-like-a-tiny-version-of-Broadway) and right in front of you is the beautiful white silhouette of the majestic Shah Faisal Mosque standing in front of the Margalla Hills. It's serene, almost, and despite the threat of impending pneumonia you stand there for a long time breathing in the sharp, rainy smell, before you get into the car again and chase the rain right back home.

Thank you S, for the happy-moment(s) :)


Anonymous said...

gave me goose bumps!

Shankar K. Eham said...

hmmmm :) It's good to be reading your blog again after literally years.

Xeb said...

Welcome back? :)

It's good to be writing again, after a long-long time!

Here's hoping the muse sticks around this time! :P