May 7, 2013

Okay. Conspiracy theory alert, but hear me out here.

According to mango-boy, he has never had a girlfriend (as in a relationship with a girl). Which would be fine, except he is 30-something, studied abroad and has lived in many countries of the world. Which would be fine except his facebook pictures (yes, I stalk - even if he doesn't) do not show him  cuddling up to a single girl (except of one picture with his sister). Which would be fine except there are rather many pictures of (some very cute) boys on his facebook. Which would be fine except many of the boy-pictures feature gentleman in, err, questionably tight clothing and well-made eyebrows in disturbingly close proximity. Which would be fine, except in light of the post below (and other issues) my gay-dar has been slowly and incessantly beeping for a while now. Which would be fine, except I'm not sure I want to spend the rest of my life as some gay-guy's beard.

No matter how appealing the French language might be.

Thoughts, anyone?


Anonymous said...

foreign asians, especially guys tend to be very well groomed...(americans tend to be more groomed to the scarey level compared to the brits)to the level where the gay-dar goes on high alert but is complete off the mark.

- the tight clothes they call it fashion

- the well put together shaped brows... again apparently its called grooming... i've met a few who although act gay, really aren't..

- not cuddling girls is questionable... unless he has family on his social site in which case is hiding those pics?

Aly said...

So, what if he is a little adventurous. Give the boy a chance :)

ordered-chaos said...

I say RUNNNN - in the opposite direction ;)

How do we know said... knows not enuf.

kf said...

It amazes me, this human tendency want what might not be good for us. I recommend thinking of the big picture.

Bia said...

never question the gay-dar, its one of those things that the body understands better than the mind ever can! Plus i dont believe any man is that "sharif", if they havent had a gf by that time i think its a red flag (gay or not).
besides why get married if you cant even have sex. sin-less sex is one of selling points to convince us of marriage remember! lol