March 3, 2013

'Tell me a story', she says, slowly falling asleep while basking in the satisfying warmth that emerges from the cocoon of another body wrapped tight  around one's own.

'okay', says he, and holding her even tighter, closes his eyes and begins to talk.

'Once upon a time, in a land far-far away, there was a beautiful princess. And like all beautiful princesses, this one too was beleaguered by a horde of hopeful suitors. They came from near and from far drawn to the kingdom by stories of unrivaled loveliness, and once they got there they discovered that the princess was everything they had heard of, and so much more. Excited, they would immediately offer for her hand in marriage. The princess, however, had a strange request. No man would she marry, said she, unless he proved to her his true love. This, he would do, by spending 1000 days and 1000 nights outside her chambers, standing on a single leg. Each man accepted this challenge, but most lasted only a few days before they gave up and were summarily dismissed by the princess.

One day, a prince rode into kingdom and hearing the stories he requested an audience with the princess. This prince, unlike the others, was fair of face and of form, was smart, and funny, and brave and basically all the things that most princesses dream of. Naturally, our princess was interested. Enough to really hope that this one, out of all the suitors that had made their way to her door, would pass the test. Sure enough, when the prince heard of the test, he immediately accepted the challenge. For days he stood patiently on one leg outside the princess's chamber, and every day as she passed him on her way in and out she wished him well even as she ignored his efforts. Days passed into months, and months into years. Eventually, the prince was on his 999th day, and one night later he would finally win the prize he had sought. The princess was delighted and dreaming of weddings, and babies, and a wonderful new life together.

The next morning, on the 1000th day, the princess stepped out of her chamber prepared to open the door and greet her husband-to-be, but imagine her disappointment when she found no one there! She asked her guards, and she was told that as soon as the clock struck 12 marking the completion of the 999th day, the prince put his foot down, got on his horse and rode away down the road where he had come from, never to be seen again.'

'If he had spent so long, and tried so hard, why give up when he almost had what he wanted?' asks she.

'Maybe', says he, 'Because he realized, as most of us do, that if you have to try so hard, then it's not really love. It's desire, it's desperation, it's ego, it's avarice, but it certainly isn't love. Love, would never want the lover to suffer. There are no tests, in love. Because love, you see, has absolutely nothing to prove. It just 'is', a feeling that demands nothing except itself in return'. 


Anonymous said...

xeb, if I promise you saad will divorce his wife in the next 48 hours. Will you promise me that you will marry him in the next 48 hours?

writespacetime said...

i don't know.

Anonymous said...

Definitely. If only you wrote this 1000 days ago - I mean. better late than never. This type also tends to sell herself out to other entities, and no one in their right mind would want that.