March 10, 2013

Last night, I went for a drug-run for the first time in my life. What can I say, boot-leggers and back-corner drug dealers are what most people in the Islamic Republic seem to turn to in the depths of the night when supplies are running out but depravity is still desired. Either that or they want to protest against, or reconcile, their cowardly apathy and inability to speak out against the horrors that happen here on a daily basis. When faced with ongoing death and despair you, naturally, seek out the mind-numbing substances, hoping that by the end of this session perhaps the murderers on-your-mind will be replaced with happy images. You know, the flowers and the bunnies and other nauseating hallucinations that forced happiness probably brings.

Any-the-how, despite very categorical assurances that I should not come along, I decided this was something I may as well experience. So I cajoled my way into leaving F-11 furtively in a non-nondescript car (apparently you pick the one least likely to cause comment, in our case a black civic) and listened to music while my companion had brief conversations with random person on the other end of the phone. 'Where'. 'Okay'. 'Corner-of-what?' 'Okay'. 'Come now'. 'No, we can't wait'. 'Next to the Petrol Pump'. and so on.

Many minutes passed but not a drug-dealer in sight. We circled the market several times with my increasingly uneasy companion, who kept looking at his phone as if it was going to explode, while simultaneously expecting some sort of monster to appear out of the shadows. Mostly I think he was just incredibly nervous because I was with him, and in this country women do not do these sort of things. Never-ever. So we waited  around street-corners when we got a phone call telling us (very-briefly) that there's been trouble and we should come back in an hour. And so we went home.

And I figure that my experience this night (which amounted to pretty much nothing) is a repetitive analogy of most of my life: I went out for a drug-run, came home with Sprite. Oh-well. Happens all the time.



How do we know said...

ha ha ha.

Thoth said...

Sprite seedhi baat no bakwas. Closest thing to drugs, right. And oh please weed is not a drug.

Xeb said...

Haha, say's everyone who is, err, fond of the substance. Everyone else differs with that assessment-much.