March 28, 2013

It's been a-new-white-hair-a-day-kinda-month. Maybe a couple of months. You lose track of time when you're this busy. You also forget to eat, sleep and sometimes you even forget to breathe (and then you go blue and the world rotates all around and you remember because you don't quite have a choice). And while you wonder (sometimes a little, sometimes a lot) whether all this craziness is worth it you also know that this project (and all the associated insanity)  is a power-trip. It may also be a career jackpot (tremendous CV value and all that) or a career destroyer (to be remembered forever as the person who effed-up is probably not the best career move), but all in all it's probably a game-changer.

As is everything associated with Elections 2013 in Pakistan.

What am 'I' upto at this monumental time in the history of the motherland, you ask? Only being one of the programmatic leads of the training project that is focused on building the capacity of every single government official involved in implementing the 2013 elections. Which amounts to a measly total of 14000+ events for 700,000+ people in every single district across the country. All to be accomplished in a grand total of 60 days. Well, 25 days for actual implementation, you know after the government coughs up all the lists and all. We have been assured (by our international donor-partners) that this is the largest training project in the world.

Which, since I'm sure you're wondering, is the reason I never actually ended up quitting my job. I decided, instead, I  may as well work myself into an early stress-induced heart attack. Which, if you think about it, might be a neat-kinda-sorta-permanent solution to the grind.

Oh-well. In case that doesn't happen, there's always hair dye. And dreams (desperate dreams) of a month-long beach vacation after all this is over.

Bali, anyone?


Thoth said...

How about Antalya? I will wingman you like the wicked angel on the left shoulder.

ps: good to see you writing, good luck with the project.

Xeb said...

Ooh, that's an option. If you be serious, send me an email. We can vacation plan! :P

Ps: If I don't reply, it's only because monster project ate me up!

Anonymous said...

Motherland indeed:

Thoth said...

I am serious, somewhere around June though. Doosra i need a real fun partner, that's why i haven't gone till now.

And i also got lotta gray hair in past three four odd months. Fuck this shit.

Xeb said...


Email me: