March 11, 2013

Dear Random-Boy-With-a-Crush-On-Me

Let's start with the oldest cliche in the book: It's not you, it's me.

And it's me, because I can tell you right about now what's going to happen a few months from now. Assuming you continue to be as persistent, I will give in and we 'may' end up dating for a while. Which will be fun, except I'll  be by turns too intense and too distant and you'll keep wondering what the deal is. If you're a typical man, this period of our 'relationship' will pretty much draw you in and you will bend over backwards trying to convince me that you are what I've been waiting for all my life.

If it turn out that I get invested (and I warn you that I often do) suddenly a huge burden of expectations will get dumped on your head. Since you are only human (and not the epitome of perfection that you pretend to be) you will naturally let me down. The problem is, I don't deal well with disappointment. This will, ofcourse, signal the beginning of the end because you will inevitably resent the craziness and I won't be able to help myself. Both of us will be unhappy and eventually one of us will end our relationship.

At which point we will sulk for a while and then you will wake up one day and realize you really do love me (because I may be crazy, but I am very lovable) and you will decide you want me to be a part of your life, one way or another. We will decide to be friends. And weirdly enough, we will become pretty good friends because that is one art that I've kinda-sorta-perfected.

So what I'm wondering is, why don't we just cut the crap and just agree to stay good friends?

Much love,


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How do we know said...

dear random boy who has a crush on Xeb: listen to her. she is right. it takes a Shiva to handle a Ganga.

(Reference: Hindu mythology. When the river Ganga agreed to come down to EArth from the heavens, a practical problem arose. How was she to come down? Her force would have drowned the Earth. only one person could take the force of her descent, regulate it, and then let her down on Earth gently. Shiva. and so he did. read it sometime. Interesting story. )