March 14, 2013

And then there are days.

You know, days where you wake up feeling like Atlas (i.e. you) can actually wiggle her shoulders and stretch for a bit without the world falling out and falling topsy-turvy and upside-down.  And despite the stress induced by handling what is at the moment the largest training project in the world (and potential career jackpot) life, as you lie snuggling in a warm-yummy-blanket requesting the maid/cook to make you an delicious-yet-nutritious-breakfast you are convinced that life is actually pretty good, and all will be well with the world.

As you get up and get dressed for work, you keep up the sunny spirit and match your clothes to your mood choosing a nice, but slightly diaphanous yellow top with white cotton trousers. You know, the kind that is perfect for a nice summers-day. All dressed for war you put on your make-up, get into your car and head to a client's office in time for your first power-meeting for the day. You reach the office parking lot, take a mental note of the meeting's agenda, freshen your lipstick, grab your bags and get out of the car.

At which point the powers-that-be decides to pay you back for all your unnatural positive-thinking and proceeds to commission a downpour just as you begin to make your way across the parking lot to the client's front door.

As you sit across the meeting table looking like something the cat-dragged-out-of-the-gutter, you realize:

Atlas can't shrug. It's not in the ToRs, Damn it! 

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writespacetime said...

get shahid sb to reread that contract!