February 22, 2013

One of the (many) perks of having film-maker friends is that every now and again one of them will remember you while making decisions about their on-screen characters. Right now, for example, N just got in touch to tell me that she has named the hero's wife after me in her latest feature film. 'Zainab' in the movie is married to  Emraan (of the Hashmi fame) and is sweet, biddable, compliant and sensible. I truly wonder where the inspiration for the name came from, but it seems like my namesake will get to kiss the 'King-of-Kisses', 'Hot-Lips' and other epithets associated with the gentleman in Bollywood. Which is, ofcourse, something to vicariously look forward to. As is the hidden pleasure of knowing that one of the main characters of an Indo-Pakistan feature film directed by an Oscar Winning Director-type is named after you.

Ofcourse not all on-screen associations are as much fun. I still remember talking to J after he completed first feature film in Johannesburg (of the South African variety). The movie, which has subsequently been showcased in many many independent film showings in many different parts of the world is about two gay men who discover each other - and their love - in South Africa. How do I feature in this homo-erotic love story, you ask? As it happens, gay man number 1 (or is it 2) happens to have a (very-beautiful-incredibly-charming-wildly-successful-sexy-as-hell, okay I'm going to stop now) wife on the side languishing all the way at home in Pakistan. He loves her much, but he is victim to his primal urges. Or the siren-call of true love. Or whatever else you decide to call it. As my picture (one I rather innocently gave J in a frame when he left New York) features prominently in the movie as the cuckolded wife, I'm going to stick to 'that-cheating-bastard-who-couldn't-keep-it-in-his-pants-syndrome'.


Atleast vicarious me's live interesting lives! :P 


shahrukh said...

Some lives are best left to be led vicariously. Reality may be a real let down. Tu kem chey?

Eddie said...

haha This one was hilarious.

Xeb said...

s: theek choon? Tamhein kem cho? How's the MicroFinancing coming along?

E: :)

Ps: My own blog wants me to prove I'm not a robot. How demeaning! I protest!! (and then proceed to prove I'm not a robot anyway).