February 10, 2013

Living in the motherland you sometimes realize how much you miss the simple pleasures in life. Like when you wake up on a Sunday morning feeling like the only thing you really want to do is lie down in a sunny park, and read a book. You take stock, and discover you have a book you're into (After the Prophet, by Lesley Hazleton - a really good read), there is a park across the road with a rather satisfying sunny-patch in the center, and lush-green grass which is ripe for a picnic blanket (which you also have tucked away in your spare cupboard). As always, the issue is never of availability, it's of agency. As equipped as I am to do exactly what I want, I can't because how can a girl go 'lie-down' in a public place? It's indecent. What will people say? And all sorts (meaning all classes really) of people can see her sleeping in the grass like that. It's shameful. Also, it's probably not safe. Anything can happen to you out there (mental images of many-things-worse-than-death). All in all, you're probably better-off sitting at home and reading a book in your bed. Or on your sofa. If you're really adventurous, you could probably step out on to your balcony, but make you're wearing some decent clothes when you do that.


Islamic-Republic, you are a complicated place to live in. 


Furree Katt said...

I used to live right in front of a gorgeous park. I could never take full advantage of it. Nor could I go in the balcony often, as everyone in that park would be able to see me. I feel your pain!

Anonymous said...

@you , too much time to fuss about such a petty thing, i guess.

@furree, when u could go on uploading your pics online, u might as well stand in the balcony without any reservations.

cynicalutopian said...

Started the book and loving it. what else are you reading? btw I got a soft copy, where did you find a hard one in zombieland ?

Xeb said...

Karachi is out of copies (we looked everywhere) but surprisingly Islamabad not so much. I bought mine from a little book shop in Kohsar market, but I've heard they're available in other places too. Also, if you're in Lahore, apparently they're being sold at Gloria Jeans.