February 19, 2013

And ofcourse no miracle was obligingly forthcoming.

They never are.

Which, perhaps, is why we have stories. The tragi-comic ones, at any rate. Otherwise all we would have is happy-tales. And you know how utterly annoying they are, in the grand scheme of things.

So my weekend story is this. About a month and a half ago I was selected (along with a four other people) to attend a sponsored international conference. While those are generally my favorite things - what's not to like? Something to learn, interesting people to meet, new ideas coming up all the time, and a new country to say hello to - this one was particularly special because it  happened to be across the border in Mumbai. And suddenly there was so much more than the conference to look forward to, there was the chance to meet family I haven't seen in 8 years, to catch up with friends I haven't seen in 3. To shop (oh-all-that-shopping) and to finally get my fill of paon bhaji (and all the other assorted goodies). Bottom line, I was looking forward to it. A lot.

Enough to work extra hard all month so that I could organize a week's leave of absence. Enough to completely screw my weekend working round the clock so that I could hand over all due tasks on Monday and waltz off via a rather painful route via Khi-and-Dubai to Mumbai. And all this despite knowing that the holy-grail-of-all-visas was still not stamped on my passport. Despite applying a month in advance. Despite frantic phone calls to the Indian embassy (here) and messages to the High Commission (there). Despite assurances from my sponsor when it hadn't appeared by Friday, that it would be there on the Monday.

Which would have been convenient, because I was scheduled to fly on Monday night, 7:00pm.

And then began a ridiculously long wait on Monday. 10:00am, no clearance. 12:00noon, no clearance. 3:00pm, no clearance. Finally at 4:00pm I threw in the towel, informed the sponsor that I couldn't make it and asked them to make the necessary cancellations.

Disappointment, just does NOT cover it.

Damn you, Indian Embassy! :/

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Anonymous said...

The High Commission is so pathetic. Like the Enfield rifles. Is it 2013 or 1913?