January 28, 2013

Hey there. I know that you're looking at me suspiciously (a little) wondering (and rightly so) what does she want NOW? I know that you're probably thinking here are some more idle promises (born out of pent up guilt) to write more. Promises that you know better than to believe. I know a big part of you just wants to smack me and say 'make up your mind woman! if you want to write, then WRITE. Stop whining about some bull-shit writer's block nonsense'. Pity parties have never really been your thing anyway. But here I am again. Sheepish, apologetic and back. And while I have a handy promise at-the-tip-of-my-tongue, I'm going to refrain (for fear that you'll give in to your violent side). So, no promises. No explanations.

Just a Hello. And some news.

It's been three years since I returned to the motherland all fresh-face and eager hoping to make-a-difference somewhere, somehow. It's been three years since work took over, bit-by-bit and consumed my soul. When I gave all I had to the report, and the manual, and the press-release and the communique and the random-bits-and-peices that clients demanded sitting in front of the computer and typing blog-posts became the last thing I wanted to do. Which is not to say that I didn't think of blogging. My mind has never stopped composing little posts here-and-there, they just never materialized on HTML. So it happened that like all things neglected you stopped demanding and I stopped feeling guilty about my inattention. We drifted apart, like lost friends, full of fond memories but no real expectations for the future.

Which brings me to my news.

Three years, and the big 3'oh (yes, my 20s have finally ended) later I gave in to a burgeoning existential crisis and (amongst other things) handed in my resignation. Two months (and a few projects later) I will be a free (albeit jobless) bird. This decision was impulsive (certainly) but also necessary. It is scary  (very) but also exciting and full of possibilities.

What am I going to do now?

Truth be told, I have absolutely no idea. I may give in to the urge to turn entrepreneur, I might free-lance for a while, I might look for other sources of employment. I may even make it through the dreaded PhD application. Or I might just take some time off and travel-some-more.

What I'm really hoping is that I'm going to start writing again.

But as I said before. No more promises. Only a Hello. And some news.



Roshni said...

Good luck with all the new, fresh endeavours. You'll be just fine (=

How do we know said...

amazing news. all the best!

Thoth said...

Pretty much same here. Post grade scene though.

Good luck, Dr. Xeb.

Babar said...

Although I seldom comment, but I drop by often to check up for updates though I am mostly disappointed. Yours is the only worthwhile blog left on the blogosphere which still gets updated, though rarely. All else that I try to read is just crap. Please do write more often.

Rakhi said...

All the very best to you Xeb.