November 23, 2012


She looks beautiful when she opens her eyes
between catnaps that meander through most the day
small gurgles and cooing at 3 am, express immediate hunger
spoiled and demanding as only newly born babies have a right to be
a single look melts any irritation that may be felt
to hold her in my arms and feel myself tremble
with something new, something unknown
I have known love and desire, it's red rages
and it's harsh longings
but what is this new song that flows through me?
contentment that is both solid yet somehow overflowing
your tiny fingers that barely wrap around my pinky
your sudden sleepy smiles and one-eye-open slumbers
night owl tendencies, unknowing, unpretentious mischief
upon your innocent angel face
eyes like your mother, my ugly chin (sorry about that)
your love of conversation, and your darting, inquisitive eyes

Thank You.


Maryam said...

Proper congratulations in order once Muharram passes. I am so, so happy for you, AG.

Aneela Z said...

Ali had a baby? Sniff. Kal ka bacha having babies

Xeb said...

That was achingly beautiful, Ali G. :)

Ps: Aneela, what-you-gonna-do? Them babies growing up! *sigh*

Winter Song said...

Ali baba, so happy for you. What'd you name her? So well written, your tenderness and love shines through. Daughters have their fathers wrapped around their fingers. It's worth it. Awww. You're all grown up. <3.
Lots of love,

Roshni said...

That was pretty neat! Congratulations (=

Eeda said...

just saw this ali....was asking neeli where ud disappeared to, uve been missed,..thats when she told me to find u on here....i hope ur well, im more than overjoyed at the news of ur baby girl....yaqeen nahee ata, is it really u? gudness?... bohot bohot dil se mubarak ho, may this child always be your shining star of hope and pride, and nothing less, inshAllah Ameen