October 19, 2012

And he barged in like a child never taught the word 'subtle'; with all the understatedness of a midsummer storm and said 'Hello.'

And in gusted the wind
too long thirsting to conquer
this musty room with its
stagnant air and
lazy eyelids

in gusted the wind
with the scent of
excitementyouth.... me
who I used to be
and who I long to become

whiplashed air shocks lungs
too long held in complacency
this is what we used to breath
the coldneedled rain
what we used to feel

open the windows, unlatch
the doors let us greet
this rain like a rekindled lover
we thought always lost
slipped away

let the chills remind us
of who we were
let us be us again.

Sorry, I haven't written in ages. Excuse me while I try to make the rust come off. :-)



Anonymous said...

Haven't been on the Blogs of Central Asia in a long time either.

Thoth said...

Yeh ali kon hai?

Xeb said...

Ali is a fellow blogger who is sharing this space for a while. We hope that together we can plot the return of the muse! A better introduction will be forthcoming.

Winter Song said...

Whilst the two of you await the muse's return, can I plz say that I found her here... In these words you wrote.
(Ali Ghafoor, is it? )

Xeb said...

Shhh. Yeh semi-anon blog hai :P

Thoth said...

I was a much better option than any Ali.

Thanks for asking :(

Xeb said...

Oho. Are you suffering from Muse issues too? Jump on the bandwagon!

Email me: xainabk@gmail.com

Thoth said...

How are you even semi-anon?
Replacing z with an x and using initial for your family name doesn't make you semi anon.

Anyway, i am rarely short on the muses. Found another one recently. Really. I really want to quit blogging and act my age but there is always one more that i can't help telling. So yeah.

Thoth said...