August 6, 2012

When it comes to life, why is the theory always so much easier than the practice?

Look at me, I can't begin to describe how well I know the theory. I could write a book on the theory and win awards on my accuracy. I could color code the theory, put neat little tags around it and write out a table of contents. I could do all this with one eye shut, and an arm tied around my back.

Point is, I'm tired of listening to the theory. I know it all by heart.

It's the practice I'm useless at.

Tips, anyone?


Saad F'akhtar said...

Start listening to me!

Xeb said...

Yes, but you're generally very good at throwing me the theory also! :P

lubz said...

go with your instinct, if you fail you can always try again

Saad F'akhtar said...

Listening implies following. Take my word as gospel. You know that I'm always right. =D