August 3, 2012

Sometimes what you really need to do is suddenly and without warning wipe the slate completely clean.

So that when the time comes to turn around and start all over again, you can look forward to the future instead of clinging miserably to the bad decisions of your past.

And in moments like this, when you're sitting there staring at the screen willing the next tear not to fall. When you really can't figure out where to go from here. When you want desperately to turn back from decisions you don't want to make. You look behind you and you see that there's nothing there.

Just empty spaces, and silent voices, where your life used to be.

You can finally move on. Be free.


Rakhi said...

Xeb, I wish you courage and strength to face whatever it is that is going wrong in your life. May you see the sunshine very soon.
Love and hugs.

Xeb said...

Thanks Rakhi! :)

And here's hoping there's sunshine behind them clouds! :)