August 20, 2012

My brain keeps making little blog posts out of things that happen to me everyday. Like when I walk out of S's beautiful apartment in Rockwell, Makati City, Manila (yes, I'm in Philippines) and go across the road to the fancy-antsy mall and have instant NYC nostalgia. Like when we go to a 'chaand-raat' celebration in Manila, only to find out that the loud, indian-music-rich gathering was women-only, and the only man in our motley crew had to go have McDonalds with the Philipino driver (June) while us women pigged out on homemade goodies inside and were given the once-over by Pakistani society-aunties-stuck-in-Manila. I'm betting he had a better time than we did, but that's besides the point. The point is that I want to write about so much - the general ambiance of this place (if you must know we did not bring a boat, and *fingers-crossed* so far we've managed to avoid the torrential rains), the people (always smiling, always happy - such a stark contrast to the Thai :P), the crazy things we've done (from clubbing to the casino) and all the other fun stuff I want to blog about.

That said, I've been suffering from tech disaster since I landed in Manila. First I discover there's no wi-fi at S's place, and my super-slim, oh-so-light-and-pretty laptop (Acer Inspire) has no ethernet port. I work around it by taking it to the Starbucks (they have one at every corner here) across the street, only to find out that the computer is slow, and acting very silly - it also refuses to connect to the internet. I re-start it, only to see a blue-screen and a 'fatal error' message. I give up and resolve to have computer fixed as soon as I return to the land of the pure - where, btw, insane things are happening (as always) such as nation-wide cellular phone jams in order to 'celebrate' Eid and avoid terrorist attacks. Certainly, I am better off (if technology deprived) in Manila. And while my new phone is awesome, and has a beautiful picture taking and instant upload kind of feature, the fact is that it is not conducive to writing down blog-posts.




Ess.See. said...

Wow, your blog has changed a lot from the last time I came here. I like this too, but I miss the old Xeb-ish blog too. =/

Hope you're good!

Xeb said...

Hey! :)

Blog will go back to old style - eventually.

I'm good, how've you been?

Ps: I HATE how MY blog always wants word verification from ME! :(