August 28, 2012

Men with the heads of eagles
no longer interest me
or pig-men, or those who can fly
with the aid of wax and feathers

or those who take off their clothes
to reveal other clothes
or those with skins of blue leather

or those golden and flat as a coat of arms
or those with claws, the stuffed ones
with glass eyes; or those
hierarchic as greaves and steam-engines.

All these I could create, manufacture,
or find easily: they swoop and thunder
around this island, common as flies,
sparks flashing, bumping into each other,

on hot days you can watch them
as they melt, come apart,
fall into the ocean
like sick gulls, dethronements, plane crashes.

I search instead for the others,
the ones left over,
the ones who have escaped from these
mythologies with barely their lives;
they have real faces and hands, they think
of themselves as
wrong somehow, they would rather be trees.'

- Margaret Atwood


shahrukh said...

Chokri, tu aik dum interesting person chey.

Xeb said...

Accha? Sukam pun?

(Ps: Do you realize in English this sounded like dum, interesting person - which is an oxymoron, unless you make a career out of studying the stupid. Just saying! :P)

shahrukh said...

because tou akho wakhat deep souch mah hoyech. And, also because of your response above.... :)

Xeb said...

Haha, thanks! :)

Xeb said...

Idle curiosity, tamhe kon cho? And how come you speak gujrati?