April 2, 2012

I just started a new diet. My life seems like one big food-less abyss. I've been chicken-and-salading it for only 1 day, but after a hedonistic month spent binge-ing to my heart's content my tummy does not understand this sudden deprivation. It grumbles, and bitches, and moans up until the point when it refuses to let me concentrate on anything else - particularly work.

Why can't I have been born with a perfect figure a'la Katrina Kaif (or any of the other 20 million women out there who don't share my problem).

Life, as we have established many a times, is most certainly not fair. But today it seems more unfair than ever before.



BT said...

You could do it if you really set your mind to it, but I also get how you feel.

Dieting doesn't really help; healthy eating is a lifestyle. Maybe you could try eating in smaller plates so your portion sizes as a result will be smaller. That's what the French do. You can eat something fatty everyday as long as you keep it minimal. Like my courses are healthy but I stil get to splurge on a scoop of ice cream.

ordered-chaos said...

empathies from a fellow sufferer! share your food menu O deprived one!

Amna K said...

But honestly, why do you have to have a figure like Katrina's? You could just work out and NOT diet.

How do we know said...

aah.. all the best!!