March 28, 2012

A mixed bag of South Asians is in a cab in Bangkok making it back our way back to the hotel after dinner. The time is around 11:00pm, and the city lights winked at us while we unwillingly headed back to our beds in anticipation of an unreasonably early start to the workshop on the next morning. The Thai cab driver turned to the man in the front seat, a colleague from Bangladesh - and asked him where he was from:

Colleague: I'm from Bangladesh

Cab Driver: Ohhh, Bangladesh. Men from Bangladesh good, good!

Our curiosity got the better of us, and my Sri Lankan colleague couldn't resist jumping in and asking: What about Sri-Lank?

Cabbie thinks a bit, and then says: Sri-Lanka... aaahh Indiaaa... Indian men bad! No tip! No tip!

And what about Nepal, asked the colleague from that country?

Cabbie seems uncertain about where Nepal is, then says: Nepal, good, good!

Finally, ask I: What about Pakistan?

Cabbie laughs: Men from Pakistan? *Boom-Boom-Boom*

Oh-dear, Oh-dear!


shahrukh said...

boom boom. how right he is.

BT said...

Wow that's a little mean.