February 28, 2012

Says Mr. Ashfaq Sheikh, on Facebook:


I do not condone acid-throwing or any other brutal act.

But honestly speaking, I am unhappy about this Oscar "victory". I feel that Pakistan has been purposely maligned by the Hollywood elite with complicity of a "liberated" Pakistani woman. Pakistan is not the only country where atrocities against women take place. The US itself is well-known for rampant domestic violence.

This film would have won against any competition because it serves to re-inforce the negative Western image of Pakistan and other Muslims countries. The Western folks can breath a bit easier about bombing and bullying Muslims because this documentary "proves" that Muslims are animals."

Say's Me:

With all due respect, people who victimize a woman by melting her face - or other parts of her body - with acid are worse than animals. And just because atrocities happen in other parts of the world is no reason to hide ours under the carpet. It's the age old argument against the worst forms of domestic violence - ghar ki baat ghar mein rehne do - doesn't matter if you're brutalized in the process - aakhir izzat ka maamla hai. To me such izzat is completely worthless anyway.

While you unfortunately have a right to your opinion, I'm ashamed that there actually are people out there who who feel that someone who put a spotlight on one of the worst forms of abuse in our society should NOT have done that. I for one salute her bravery in speaking about something that is conveniently ignored.

Many years ago I interned at a safe house where women who were victims of acid attacks were rescued and looked after. I defy any one of you to come face to face with any of these women whose features are literally melted off their face - to look into their eyes and then repeat what you just said. Their story DESERVES to be heard and I honor Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy for telling it.

Enough said.


the.orchestra.of.life said...

I think it is quite typical for us in the subcontinent to keep hiding everything under the rug rather than confronting such issues head on !

Awais Aftab said...

Bravo and well-said!

Anonymous said...

Adding to your comments: Why did the gentleman only see the "negative" image in the film? Doesn't the same film also highlight the positive side by showing fellow Pakistanis helping the victims? IMHO: The glass is never either half-empty OR half-full. It's both. Mr. Sheikh and others who share his views need to keep that in mind.

Nida said...

Very, very well said! And spot on!

How do we know said...

i second Nida. awesome views Xeb!! and to say that it would have won against any other film is to underrate the excellence of this film maker.