February 14, 2012

Most people wish they had a boyfriend around this time, because it sucks to be lonely when the world around you is infested with red-hearts and stuffed-toys. Not to mention red heart-shaped balloons with 'love' written on them in bold gold letters. Or red heart shaped eye-glasses with multicolored lights around them that make you reminiscent of Veena Malik's glow-in-the-dark bra. Except they're not bras, but you get the point. Which is, most people wish - more than any other time of the year - that they had a significant other on the 14th of February.

Except what do you do if you do happen to be one half of a couple of de-day, and you still end up feeling disappointed, unhappy and unloved? If you're still looking longingly at the long-stemmed roses, and the mushy-cards and the stupid-red-balloons and wishing you could walk hand in hand with someone as you wade through the Hallmark sentimentality that characterizes today? That you had someone to share chocolates with?

Why is it that so much of my life reads like excerpts from FML?



Amna said...

It does suck to be alone on this day. One can manage if s/he is able to divert their attention. But that's only possible till a limited time period of your life. In the end, having someone is all that matters. WTH.

Happy Valentine's, Xeb! :)

Jaded said...

What to do but to go on... Be miserable, sigh, go to bed and wake up the next day same as usual..

Anonymous said...

Well, one way to start would be by snapping less at those they have?

Anonymous said...

Dear Women,

I don't know why your problem is. There are plenty of times I've made it clear I was willing to see you. Also, why should the burden of proof be *on me* after of of that!?


x said...

Because your negativity and lack of confidence fluctuates from benign, entertaining cynicism to something that could appear clinical, to some people. Because Romeo and Juliet were also an example of gullibility. Because it's not always clear if you're speaking for yourself, or for others. Even if as Alain De Botton says, that can be an indicator of good writing. Because you shy away from accountability. Because a double negative (or many double negatives) doesn't equate to a positive in real life. And because plays were meant to be acted in person, not over the Internet. Which is better than no acting, at all.

x said...
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Anonymous said...

The flowers that bloom in the spring, tra-la, have nothing to do with the case. This is distracting nonsense.