February 10, 2012

Dear Muse,

I have begged, and pleaded, and bargained, and bribed and generally done whatever I could possibly do, to try to get you back. You have been more recalcitrant and annoying than any man I have ever known. And who knows, with my luck you might just be one - although who in the hell ever heard of a male muse?

But digression aside, I have tried. And the truth is, in every relationship there comes a time when you lay your cards on the table and you either work it out, or just call it quits.

So here's the deal:

I will never deny that you've been a great muse. For as long as it lasted, this relationship was most prolific. While I do not appreciate how you've abandoned me for the better past of the last year, I have tried my damndest to be positive about this. I have distracted myself with other preoccupations (Criminal minds, as you well know, being top of the list) and generally tried to compensate for your absence in whatever way I could all the while hanging on to the hope that you would be back. However there is a limit to capriciousness and it seems clear to me that you don't seem to want me anymore. Maybe you've found someone else to play with. Maybe she writes better than I ever could - even with all your help. Maybe she's a lot more grateful to you for your time. Maybe she's just a nicer person.

But please note that I have gone against character long enough. I am not inclined to sit back and wait for your highness to grace me with your presence any longer. As a muse, you have a job to do. And let me inform you that recently you have really sucked at it. As of now, please consider this relationship at an end, and our association terminated. I hope whoever you've moved on to treats you well, but even if she doesn't, please don't come back to me for sympathy - for all you'll really get is a kick on your ass as I boot you out the door again.

Dear Muse, it's over.

Now excuse me, but I'm off to fine another muse. Because as wise (wo)men often say, the sea is full, we just need to remind ourselves to stop every now and then and throw out a bait or two ;)

Much love,



Just a nobody said...

I got rid of my older muse too. Waiting for a new one. :)

Xeb said...

Good for you! :) I mean I understand the value of a good muse and all, but sometimes you just have to put your foot down! :P

Kevin said...

Well, your negativity is one of your most attractive and (as evidenced right here, productive) qualities, at least as a writer. Again, this is why twitter would be a good idea, you don't really need a muse per se, nor are you obligated to "compose" your writing, as TheMeeraJee demonstrates do well. And on this note, I must excuse myself to potentially encounter "real" people in the "real" world.

Jappanun said...

Oh why all the muse out there dont understand. Sad, but you have to move on :(

Anonymous said...

Heh, maybe for now. At the same time, by that same extraordinarily loose standard that anything like this has any meaning, OP is conflicted, and appears to be a reaction to another post written 6 months ago which was conveniently revealed the day before.. Which was critical of institutions and organizations.

Anonymous said...

Lighten up. Or else.

Muse said...

Ok, I'll give you exactly what you asked for. I've got a million other writers to inspire. Next time you want to start whining again, you'd better be more convincing. Wait, what was that definition of insanity again?

Xeb said...

Definition of Insanity?! :P

Simple, 'Me'


Love you Muse, even though you've been totally crap at your job!