November 10, 2011

A randomly generated list of things that make-Xeb-happy :)

  • A cup of steaming chai/coffee/chocolate in bed on a cold morning

  • Completing a project, and finishing it well :)

  • Good feedback or a pat on the back from someone who matters (once a nerd, always a nerd getting the 'A' grade makes me happy! :P)

  • Roses. Single, long-stemmed and presented with love.

  • Presents. The sillier, the better. And if it glitters, even better ;)

  • Traditions. Like bangles on Eid or hearts on valentines day or cake on my birthday or a present at Christmas (hey, we a-religious people like to reap the benefits of our life choices! :P)

  • Friends. Who make me laugh. And let me dance despite the chaos.

  • JZ-made pancakes, with store-bought Nutella. And the fruit-of-the-season. *yum-yum-sigh*

  • Silly conversation. About nothing, and everything. The kind that I can only have with the people I love.

  • Gossip. There, I said it. And even though I can't ever accurately remember the vivid details of who-did-what-to-whom-under-what-strange-circumstances, hearing about it a lot of fun! :P

  • Simple moments when you know without a shadow of doubt that despite everything that you've done, and all that you are, you ARE very-very loved.

  • Carbs! On a Sunday-cheat-day-extravanganza! :)

  • Infrequent, but intense bonding sessions with people-who-matter.

  • Shopping. *big-big-smile*

  • Winter-mornings. My blanket. And Satan to snuggle with.

  • A bubble-bath and a good book.

  • Traveling. To strange and exotic locations (sometimes more strange than exotic). And buying silly souvenirs.

  • (re)decorating my house :)

  • New clothes! :)

  • A massage.

  • Spontaneity. Flash, fun plans without the arduous planning of who-to-call, what-to-do, when-to-meet etc. etc.

  • A bargain. There is nothing that ups-the-happy-cup more than a discount on something completely unnecessary but oh-so-fun-to-own~ :)

  • Getting wet in the rain!

  • Thunder-n-Lightning. The rougher the weather, the calmer I am.

  • The sea, and all that goes with it.


Rakhi said...

Loved this. How have you been?

shahrukh said...

Have to ask, Satan kown chey?

Xeb said...

Rakhi: Can't complain (any more than I already do!) :) How've you been?

Shahrukh: Satan is my big-floppy-stuffed-dog :)

shahrukh said...

Interesting name. Bus, aur kahi nahi bolus, nahi toh pachei tu keysey kay bohu boli lidu.

amnakausar said...

'The rougher the weather, the calmer I am.' - WHOA!

Xeb said...

shahrukh: *hehe* aini bhi story che - so once upon a time a friend of mine who is very religious (of the outward gesture kind - ankle-pyjamas, long-beard, cap-on-head) came over for coffee at my place in NY. I had just gotten doggy (who was in search of a name) and since he was to be my bed-mate it was imperative that the name make sense re the sentence 'xeb-sleeps-with'. Naturally, most people had a field day with the name-hunt, and doggy became everything from a super-convetional-bohri-man(something-uddin if I recall correctly) to a hot Spanish-Italian mixed-breed-mutt but Ahmed (the friend) sealed the deal with he heard the sentence and said that's easy, since it's 'you' we're talking about, he must be named Satan! :P And it stuck! :)

Amna: Tis true. I'm weird, I know!

Anonymous said...

Read your blog often. Love the "you" that I glimpse. :-)

Your writing makes me smile and think. Like the best kinds aught to.

Anonymous said...

Satan is your dog, and JZ makes your pancakes. It sounds like the world isn't merely your oyster, it's your bitch! So what's all this complaining?

Olde_Tyme_Karachite said...

So Dear Xeb, give us your views on the PTC 1100 text word ban. Don't hold back. :)

Anonymous said...

To balance it out, we simply MUST have a list of the things-that-make-Xeb-angry! :p. South Asian women can be funny when they're pissed off, as long as they're not throwing you in a saucepan with some garlic, onions, hot pepper, turmeric, and cardamom.

How do we know said...

aah.. on a winter afternoon.. u make concentrating on work incredibly easy, dont u? :-)

u r responsible for the loss of productivity for the rest of my day..

shahrukh said...

You've been pretty quiet these days? Sou waat chey?