November 6, 2011

I think too much.
Say's everybody.
and I make simple things complicated
but the truth is
i'm attracted to patterns
and designs
and shapes within shapes
which in human relationships
leads to intrigue
and disappointments
Sometimes I wish I had learned
that deconstruction only ought to be
an academic exercise.


Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself. People in general are wired to see patterns, and to see them no less in other people. It sounds like you think ignorance is bliss?

Xeb said...

It is.

Or maybe I'm trying to say that life is much better when you're a person who enjoys simple things. Complexity might be interesting, but it is also extremely tiring.

And I'm just a little tired right-about-now.

shahrukh said...

Deconstruction is part of our dna. But if it becomes pervasive and counter productive to our well being, it may be put to one side until a better frame of mind. Simple, right?

Xeb said...

Right :)

How do we know said...

xeb, xeb, xeb... HUGS!!!