October 12, 2011

Work-load has gone from bad to incredibly bad. I had a work-related nightmare last night. In my dream my cartoonist refused to work with me and wanted me to work with his younger brother instead - which was (for some reason) a very-very bad thing.

Some of the tension could very well be a result of a nasty email I got last night from a client who was commenting on questionnaires I had slaved over. The email essentially report that the questionnaires were 'not-appropriate', 'too-long' and generally sucky-as-hell. Now whereas I have been known (upon occasion) to appreciate constructive criticism I do NOT appreciate the wham-bam-thank-you-mam (just ask the question and walk out) research methodology she seems to want out of this exercise. Not only are contextual questions (and answers) interesting, they eventually give more depth to the analysis and report. Which is ofcourse something she will demand as soon as she's done critiquing the questionnaire.

Add to that another couple of dozen deadlines, a presentation in Lahore tomorrow (hello, dengue) and much-talk of the next impending trip to Afghanistan. And let me tell you, after experiencing the joys of Kabul International Airport (that makes Islamabad International Airport seem like paradise) I'm not too inclined to head that-a-way again anytime this month. But who-the-hell listens to my inclinations?

Nobody. That's who.



Anonymous said...

Geniuses don't hire consultants. Idiots do. Your job is tondo their thinking for them and take their money.

Xeb said...


I-need-a-job-change! :(