October 18, 2011

Some people
are destined to spend their entire life
in anticipation of good things
that never come.



Anonymous said...

saad is still there for the taking...you just say YES

amnakausar said...


But as long as life is going on, can't really survive while hating on hope.


Glimpse said...

You share too much with the people who love to find something that have too much for them in it

zaib, You need to accept that reality that not everything is meant to be shared with others, even if it is your random rant, find people who know its worth..

Karachi journo said...

ooohhhh, Seeeeecrets! Yes, hope may be audacious, but I don't think... I don't think that these are her darkest, most vulnerable secrets... or ARE they??

Siddhartha Joshi said...

Sigh...sad when you wait forever, only to realise at the end that they come...

Saad F'akhtar said...

*waves* hi! =D