October 3, 2011

one of the most fascinating thing about people - any people - is their ability to deal with whatever comes their way. to adapt, change, metamophasize.

not everyone becomes a butterfly.

some become even uglier than before.

but even that is a survival strategy.

we are who we are because this is how we think we will adapt best. we take on the roles that suit us whether it be abuser or abused, and we find the yin to our yang - somehow.

most times we don't even know that is what we're doing. perhaps because a lot of what we become is not a careful construction of our imagination but rather an animalistic instinct. the instinct to be brave one moment, and to cover behind the rocks scared of little more than our shadow the next. the instinct driven by a singe, primal, eternal need: to survive.

and survive we will. in some shape, in some form.

uglier than before, perhaps.

but alive.

which perhaps is all that ultimately matters.

don't you think?


Amna K said...

Okay, you're a philosopher.

p.s. That's a compliment!

How do we know said...

agree. COmpletely. of course.

Salman Latif said...

That's very true. We survive, somehow, and the nature of the tactics we deploy is totally causal - it may seem random but they emanate from our life-history.