October 21, 2011

Dear Ms. Clinton, and my American friends.

With reference to this-recent-article, please note that although we sympathize and respect your desire to prevent the killing of Americans, we have to admit (even though we feel like we're stating the obvious many times) that the people who are being killed left-right-and-center by the 'extremists' are Pakistanis. And while we remember 9-11, we would like to bring attention to a multiplicity of unmentioned dates when Pakistanis have been killed. In markets, in mosques, walking down the streets singing-doo-a-diddy- dum-diddy-oh.

Point is, fight them if you must. Get rid of them if you can (with our blessings) but please don't throw in our face that they've been running around killing Americans. Truth is, they've been running around killing a whole lot more.

Much love,



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Anonymous said...

I hear Mrs. Clinton is a major pepper eater. I assume why she goes on trips like that, it's not like anything is going to get done anyway.