October 11, 2011

Dari is a really soft musical language. I have resolved to learn it. It helps that I can read it, and since Urdu and Dari share Persian roots, some of it is not very difficult to understand. I bought a Dari-to-English translation guide from a little kid in the market, and have resolved to spend some time deciphering some common words so that navigating my way around future trips can become a little easier

Just for kicks, I also bought a blue shuttlecock burkha. Would you believe it’s surprisingly easy to wear? And it’s lighter than it looks. Which is good because a few hours after I bought the garment I got news (via facebook and the Express Tribune) that on Friday a group of 60 armed men barged into a girls school in Rawalpindi and beat people up in the attempt to pass on their message, which was essentially an order for girls to dress more modestly. Needless to say this leaves me both alarmed and indignant, and wondering whether I made a rather judicious purchase after all.



shahrukh said...

For some reason I cannot imagine your personality confined in a burkha.

Siddhartha Joshi said...

Just stumbled upon your blog, and needless to say its a very interesting space. I know nothing about you, yet reading about your travel as well as shopping in Afghanistan (wow. am impressed!) convinces me read more and more over here :)

p.s. quite like the layout and the color scheme here as well...its not a usual blog + plus I hope the blue burkha is useful :)

Xeb said...

shahrukh: I hope that's a compliment! :P

Sidhhartha: Welcome! :) I hope you keep reading!

shahrukh said...

Xeb, of course it is. Doubt kai karech? :) Missed your blogging. Glad you're coming back.