September 12, 2011

My horoscope promises to bring me inspiration for 'artistic endeavors' today. *bah-humbug* say I.

This far today has gifted me with the mother-of-all-headaches, an impending flight to Karachi (sigh) and too much work. I hate seasonal bugs mostly because they make you just-sick-enough to feel whiny, achy and miserable but not sick enough to dramatically end up in hospital or some other convenient place from which coming to work is not an option. I'm sick enough to want to curl up under my desk and sleep, but not sick enough to avoid the wrath-of-the-evil-boss if I attempt to do so. Oh, and make-up isn't helping the cause at all. It seems that if I don't look like something the cat dragged in today, my co-workers refuse to believe me when I tell them I'm ill. They look at me with a polite, but uninterested smile, and ask me what time my bloody deliverable will be in.

I hate work.


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Rakhi said...

Sounds like you're having a hell of a day! :) Hope the cold gets better soon.