September 22, 2011

As it turns out facebook - my primary means of communication with the larger world - is going too be banned again. Since it only happened this morning (based upon some mysterious altercation in the Lahore High Court) we have no idea why, but I suspect it's going to be a stupid reason anyway. And as a software designed to bypass the ban is on its way to me, I wonder what the hell the lunatics in charge are up to now. They've tried this little experiment in Pakistan before, and (surprise-surprise) they've failed royally. It occurs to me (often) that cyberspace is the ultimate revolution. And this revolution will not be controlled.

But good luck to them anyway, say I.

And aside from minor irritation I continue exactly as before armed with my fake-ip-generating, proxy-bypassing software taking quick breaks to launch a scathing diatribe (or two) against the idiots in government.


ordered-chaos said...

please dont tell me its actually going to happen, has been working fine so far *touch wood*

PS: I Desperately need said software name ? works with mac?

Anonymous said...

Being BANNED is a joke, as always. It just makes the one doing the banning look like a lousy, stupid troll.

ordered, just don't use IE 6.

shahrukh said...

Chokri, wapis amreeka avi ja.