August 30, 2011

Dear Religious-Person,

Why is it so difficult for you to accept that other opinions, other truths, other beliefs are worthy of respect? In your goodness, and your piety, why can you not make room for human diversity? When no one seeks to make you change what you believe in, why must you seek to play eternal-evangelist? If you honestly believe that life is a contest and the fruits of victory lie in the hereafter, why can't you let people play as they will while they're here?

Why can't you just live and let live, in mutual harmony?

Just wondering,



Rakhi said...

Hi Xeb!been long. how're you?

Xeb said...

It has, it has! I'm good, still grappling with the writer's block. How're you doing?

Amna K said...

You're an anthropologist? wow!

xyzandme said...

Cyclic answer to all your questions is: Cause that person is a religious person :p

Salman Latif said...

Imo, such religious person seem to have developed an addiction, a relish, for 'correcting' others' opinions. Naturally, they love doing it and can't get over it.