August 27, 2011

After I heard the news of Shahbaz Taseer's kidnapping, I put shared a condolence message on facebook along with a statement to the affect of 'what a manhoos mulk this is'. Imagine my surprise when I was suddenly flooded (online and offline) with comments that kept trying to tell me that it's NOT the country, it's the people who are manhoos. Not that I necessarily disagree with the would-be patriots out there, but what, I ask you is a country except a conglomeration of people within national borders? What are we referring to when we say that the it is not the 'country's' fault that it's citizens are victim to senseless violence? If you refer to the earth we stand on, perhaps your point can be taken - but everything else that defines a country from its system of governance down to the color of its national flag can be ascribed to the will of its people. Whether its the will of the many, the few or just one, it is people who define the country and people who are ultimately responsible for its fate.

How long will we keep making excuses for a (quote-unquote) failed nation state? How long will we keep pretending that the next idiot who assumes control of this corrupt system is going to take out a magic-wand abra-cadabra away our problems? How long will we hear daily news of death, violence, abduction, torture, rape - close our eyes for two seconds - and then stop feeling entirely as we go on with the mundanity of our daily existence? How long will we stare myopically at the newspaper convincing ourselves that the extremist is just one small, dangerous element of Pakistani society that will soon be exterminated? How long before we finally reach the inevitable conclusion that they're stronger than we want to believe, more pervasive than we want to acknowledge and potentially going to win this war?

How long before we finally give up?


Hamza Bin Ladin said...

It hurts, to see people giving up hope so soon. You should visit other nations too.

We are still better off than at least 50/114 nations.

They are not giving up, why should we?

It's easy to watch the news in your cozy sofa, and say let's give up now. The country is manhoos.

But for someone out in the field, working for a better nation, Pakistan is everything.

Just a personal opinion, no offense meant.

Salman Latif said...

I guess we and the would-be patriots keep ranting about hope bit too much whereas it would perhaps do us good if we'd rather discern the infinite flaws we hold as a nation and as a society and then sort out those flaws instead of playing optimist! Other nations around the globe may have flaws but they don't name everything on a Zionist-Hindu-Amreeki conspiracy.

On a different note, does it make sense to say a certain ideology or religion is actually noble whereas a majority of its followers hold extremist notions?

Xeb said...

Dear Hamza Bin Laden,

It may surprise you to know that my day job beings me face to face with more miseries, more inequality and more field reality than I want to deal with.

And while I work for this country's development I know one thing: This country is nothing without the will of it's people. And right now, it's people collectively want to go to hell. And that is probably where this country is headed.

No offence meant, just an observation!

- Xeb

Xeb said...

Salman:"On a different note, does it make sense to say a certain ideology or religion is actually noble whereas a majority of its followers hold extremist notions?"

In my opinion, it does not. But I could be wrong, ofcourse.

Salman Latif said...

I agree with you, at the rather improbable risk of being wrong of course :P