July 1, 2011

To sink or to swim, is the question.

Although just consider,
how non-glamorous it would be
to drown at the bottom of a goldfish bowl.
instead of dying fighting
to stay afloat
in high-stormy seas.

Perhaps that is why
I make all the bad decisions
I routinely do.
Because fighting for a lost cause
creating waves, challenging the norm
are all those things
that make life exciting

It's either that,
or floating around in an
unruffled goldfish bowl
of absolute appropriateness.
a calm, ordered existence
where staying afloat takes no effort whatsoever
but then nor does sinking really.


Screamer said...

You'll be amazed at how life in a goldfish bowl can be very refreshing to... funny phases, life takes us through.

Shafeenaaz said...

Don't struggle all the time Xeb. Sometimes, let yourself sink. Get some rest and then float back up.

Anonymous said...

Are you speaking for yourself or someone else?

Thoth said...

Xeb love. Sorry for being away. But i have been reading. Hope the inspiration comes back soon.

PS: I was at this social event and there was this hottie who had just been to Thailand. And guess what, using your Thailand post stories, i told her that i've been there as well. And she was amazed how much of an authority i was on lady boys. I told her that's not the only thing i am the authority on. She left straight away. Point being, i almost scored because of you.

Actually i did score. She left her number.